About us

Onlivelighting, with more than 20 years on business of lighting and sound, quality is our best tag.
We work for each project to be studied and thoroughly sound calculated, offering the highest level of play. That is something that our customers deserve and enjoy. On Onlivelighting headquarters together with d&b audiotechnik acoustic engineers we realize different project applications from restaurants, small clubs, large discotheques and even large outdoor parties. 

The most prominent projects include the famous nightclub Pacha Ibiza, Lío Ibiza Cabaret, Destino Ibiza Resort, Pacha Ibiza Dubai, Pacha Poznan, Pacha Barcelona, Pacha Macao and L’Abarset Andorra and many more.

What we can do for you

We can design your dreamed venue, sell, install, configure and operate.

Or simply use our technical consultant service.

Nothing can go wrong!

Our Brands

Specialists on this claimed worldwide best brands:

  • d&b audiotechnik
  • Yamaha Pro Audio
  • MA Lighting
  • Clay Paky
  • Ayrton